How I Can Help  

For the Dying, I help them

  • Review their life

  • Come to terms with their death

  • Confront fear of death

  • Understand what’s happening to
    their body

  • Implement what they consider to be a
    “good death”

  • Navigate difficult family dynamics

  • Say good-bye to family and friends

  • Apologize and asking forgiveness for

  • Express love and gratitude to those
    left behind


For family & friends - I help them

  • Come to terms with the death of their loved one

  • Understand what’s happening to their loved one

  • Provide care and comfort for the dying

  • Navigate difficult family dynamics

  • Honor the wishes of their loved one

  • Say good-bye to their loved one

  • Apologize and ask forgiveness for offenses

  • Express love and gratitude to the dying

  • Process their grief