Autumn Road

My Story 
Throughout my life I’ve journeyed with people facing death. The first was the shock of a high school friend who committed suicide. Then there were the deaths of my grandparents, parents, brother, mother-in-law, a dear friend of 28 years, and a spiritual advisor of 26 years. 


As a pastor, I sat with parents holding their dying newborn, sat at the bedside of patients dying in the hospital, and comforted a mother whose adult son committed suicide.

At our local hospice I sat vigil with patients transitioning from life to death and supported their families.

I have spent my entire professional career working with hurting people, including, the sick, the dying, the incarcerated, parents and children in crisis, people with emotional and mental health challenges.


No one likes to think about death. And most don't know that there is help available.

I offer calm to people in crisis, compassion to people who are hurting, and competency to people in challenging situations. 

Contact me about how to make the end-of-life experience as peaceful and meaningful as possible.