Compassionate Support
at the End of Life's Journey

jim cyr portrait.jpg
I help people who are at the end of life's journey to transition as peacefully as possible.  I also work with family and friends of these people to help them support their loved one during their transition as well as manage their own grief and feelings.

"When Mom had a catastrophic stroke that left her incapacitated and barely living, we all had to face our worst fears.  It was a shock. We had already lost the Mother we knew and were left with caring for the stranger she had become while grieving the wonderful woman she was.  Thank goodness we were introduced to Jim.  He helped us make the best choices while holding our hearts through the last 6 months of her life."   


Erica Sawyer


"Jim has been an invaluable asset to our community.  He has a keen ability to understand the needs of individuals during this trying time, and that special gift truly makes him an ideal end-of-life coach.   Jim has gone above and beyond in his service at the Center for Hope.  He inspired us to create our very successful 11th Hour group of specially-trained volunteers who support clients and their families during the dying process."


 Stacy Kaplan, Center for Hope Hospice